The Defining Moments of Apple

As I’ve been reading Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, I became curious of the real situations that he describes so well.  I turned to YouTube to see if there were some of those… Continue reading

Digital TV?!?

To kick this off, I would like to say that I’m really not that fond of digital TV.  I know there are benefits to it, but the drawbacks in the current technology don’t justify… Continue reading

Nintendo Game & Watch vs. Gameboy Micro

Having a look at 20 years of Nintendo handhelds.

LPs are so last season

I have a feeling that LP’s might be going out of fashion and that CD are soon going to be the “niche thing”. The generation that is now into LPs, is the one… Continue reading

new Macbook Pro < PowerBook G4

Let’s face it.  The old PowerBook G4 is a much nicer looking object than the new MacBook Pro.  What’s nicer in the new MacBook line? Well the unibody thingy is nice, but that’s… Continue reading

Electronics stores just aren’t as much fun anymore :-(

  For some time now I’ve noticed that I’m not nearly as interested in electronics stores as I used to be.  I was certain that it was due to the fact that I… Continue reading

Sony Discman D-88

Intro and the first feature Sony Discman D-88